March Posting - making up for lost time... :-)

Where o where does time go?? It has been since three months since our last posting because like with all of you, so much stuff is going on! It's tough because we want to write so many thoughts and share so many photos... especially when so much has happened! Here is a recap of our just our senior sessions since late December, when we fell off the posting wagon :-) 5S4A6637 DSC_9775

IMG_8603 5S4A6750_pe

5S4A7460 5S4A7549


DSC_0623 IMG_0545_pe

IMG_9038 IMG_9318

IMG_6617 IMG_6640

IMG_6229 metal piece IMG_6344

DSC_1162 IMG_0728

IMG_1498 IMG_1570

IMG_1913 IMG_1812

IMG_3466 DSC_3817_peinterior

IMG_3297 IMG_3247

IMG_3835 IMG_4410

DSC_4737 IMG_4841

IMG_9850 IMG_8807

Front IMG_9462

IMG_9501 DSC_6661

IMG_0365 copy IMG_0052 copy

IMG_9752 (2) IMG_9795 (2)

IMG_1196 IMG_1779

IMG_1512 IMG_1826