Abby Zurbriggen - Xavier College Preparatory, Class of 2015

Capturing Abby's personality was a job easily accomplished and nothing but fun!!  This playful and enthusiastic little lady is graduating with the Class of 2015 from Xavier College Preparatory.  Going to her house for her portraits allowed for easily incorporating the family as well.  The neighbors probably thought we'd lost our minds as we lurked around the alley and neighbors' homes to get the good shots... Whatever it takes!  The swing in the front yard hanging off the tree was definitely a highlight moment for us during her session. Thanks, sweet girl, and looking forward to sharing these very soon.


Zurbriggen20140801_0485 Zurbriggen20140801_0458 Zurbriggen20140801_0452

Zurbriggen20140801_0500 Zurbriggen20140801_0510