The Firestone Family 2014

This was the fourth session that we have done with this beautiful family.  How lucky are we to have photographed all 3 girls’ senior pictures?  Since we weren‘t able to get the family together in the spring when we did Mallory’s pictures, we waited until everyone was home in August. It was hot, hot, hot … but everyone looked so cool in their fun colors! Thanks Monica for pulling all the outfits together,  the girls’ playful spirit for romping in the fountain and dear Merrick who always smiles through it all! (Keeping the main family pictures secret!)

Firestone20140816_1512 Firestone20140816_1530 Firestone20140816_1539 Firestone20140816_1544 Firestone20140816_1548 Firestone20140816_1552  Firestone20140816_1556