Anna Bonacci - Class of 2016, Notre Dame Preparatory

Anna is so fun! 

She is comfortable in front of the camera, plus we've known her and her family for many years!  Having photographed all of her older brothers, we were so excited to finally get to capture her senior portraits.

The day of our session was gloomy, but we had to keep our time because of the looming senior ad deadline.  We arrived to her house with drops coming down from the sky but had a gut feeling everything would be OK.  It was! The sun came for an hour visit and the weather was pretty much perfect.  We just love when everyone is on board in making it happen.... almost always those types of sessions pan out to be the best shoots.

She had her array of clothing options pulled before we arrived so it was easy to pick out what we thought would work best. She looks great in whatever she wears and this cutie doesn't even have to do the full makeup thing to come across flawlessly in photos.  We loved our session with Anna!