Lindsey Helsten 2016

Scottsdale Senior Portraits | Lindsey Helsten | Class of 2017 | Chaparral High School

Lindsey is a high school senior on Pom at Chaparral High School and we are happy we have actually known her for quite a few years now!  She is a tall, beautiful blonde and most of all, a nice person.  Lindsey so easy-going and super easy to photograph, as she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the great shots!

She said she wanted to take her senior pictures at the Golf Course that she has grown up on for many years, so we did just that.  Our first recommendation was getting a hot pink dress to pop against the green, and she pulled that off like a supermodel! 

While we were at it, we did family photos too.  The pups were so thrilled to be included in her big day too!  Thank you, sweet Lindsey... looking forward to working with you during your senior year for everything we will do together!