Triana Doria

Scottsdale Senior Portraits | Triana Doria | Class of 2017 | Xavier College Preparatory

We first met Triana through a friends shoot with her best friends who all go to Xavier College Preparatory too.  She wanted to do senior portraits with us and she really wanted to do something new and different.  That moment we chatted couldn't have been more perfect because we were dying to try out this new, artsy shooting location in Tempe - The Graduate hotel.

She loves art, color and fun photos, so we were a perfect match from the start!  Triana is gorgeous and the camera is very fond of her. :-)  Our day together started in the hotel room getting makeup finished up (by Artistry by Azure) and went all the way until sunset on the patio of the upstairs area at the hotel with awesome views!  Her parents were able to both be there for this which made it all the better!  This was such a fun day and we hope she just had as much fun as we did!  So many great results with this pretty girl.