Taylor Everroad and Family

Senior Portraits and Family Portraits at Home | Taylor Everroad (Arcadia High School, Class of 2017) and Family | 2017

We have so much love for this family!  They are the most kind and well-rounded bunch all under one roof.  Not for long, because Taylor is graduating! 

Right when we walked into the Everroad home, we felt comfortable and knew it was going to be a fantastic session!  With Taylor's dance skills, she was not only at ease in front of the lens but could do almost anything we asked of her and more!  Some of her headshots against the drapes in her living room were our personal faves.  We love to incorporate the little everyday things you may not notice in your home into our shots.  One day they might mean a lot more to you than they do now!

We found ourselves roaming into the alley, going down the street and even in the neighbors' yards at some point, just exploring and capturing Taylor where we could find the beautiful light!

Family is everything to the Everroads and these photos happen to be scheduled during a very important time in their lives when they found out that they were going to be able to permanently adopt one of their youngest!  We still get chills thinking about how eery, but meant to be, the timing on this whole experience was. We were elated to be able to capture this special time.

What a magnificent session with all these people and we definitely left the shoot feeling warm and fuzzy that we got some incredible moments on film for them that they will be able to appreciate now, but truly treasure in the future.