8 Clothing Tips for Your Senior Portraits!

"What should I wear?"

It's one of the most common questions we get from clients before their big shoot!  When you book with us, we will send you a styling guide to help you plan for the shoot, but here are some of our best CLOTHING TIPS!

1.Darker Colors

Darker colored clothes conceal and are the most flattering for any body type!


2. Avoid Supersizing

Steer clear of loose or baggy clothing - the most flattering photos are the ones that show off your shape! Belts can be useful for this.

3. No Ads

Avoid clothes with slogans, logos or other distractions.  Your face, eyes and expression want all of the attention.

4. Avoid White

We know, we know... you LOVE your white jeans. They are very trendy right now. White can add quite a bit of weight to you in photographs, no matter how petite you are! It's best to pick a darker, more neutral tone in place of your favorite white shirt or jeans.  

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5. Think Color

Wear colors that go best with your complexion, hair coloring and eyes.  If you have blue eyes, wearing a blue shirt can make your eyes "pop" and enhance their color in your photos.

6. Dial it down

Bold stripes and large patterns stand out and tend to draw attention away from the most important part of your photographs: YOUR FACE!


7. Cover Up

If there's something about your body that you don't like, cover it up.  It is amazing how many people come to their session wearing a sleeveless shirt and say they hate their upper arms!


8. Press your clothes!

Steaming or ironing your clothing before your session is very important!  It's easy to forget... but it's a must!